Continuing on from our many popular professional development training programs, we also offer bite sized StressLess™ presentations on a range of business and lifestyle topics.

These presentations ideally lend themselves to organisations who are looking to have an entertaining, insightful and thought provoking presentation. Our presenters engage every audience with a casual yet professional attitude, delivering every presentation with bundles of enthusiasm, personal anecdotes, experiences and a light hearted approach.

We have delivered these keynote presentations at many corporate conferences to glowing reviews that have helped people individually and improved business performance and productivity.

Keynote presentation topics

Manage Stress & Build Resilience

While we may not be able to choose what happens to us, we can with practice, build resilience by choosing our behaviours and attitudes.

Taming the Email Monster

Who wouldn’t want to be more productive at work whilst gaining a sense of satisfaction knowing that your inbox is clear. Take back control of your inbox.

Learn how to Prioritise

Being able to correctly prioritise allows us to achieve more of our personal and career goals, get more done and finish tasks on time while being less stressed.

Presenting with PowerPoint

Learn to deliver more engaging presentations where PowerPoint is used effectively as an addition to your own presentation style.

Assertiveness techniques

Assertiveness can be used to persuade or influence other people to do as you wish without having to resort to passive or bullying behaviour.

How to Say No!

Understand why saying no is so important to your productivity and stress levels and how to be able to say no politely.

Social Influence

Social influence is the power and ability to change or impact the thoughts, opinions and actions of other people.

The Calming Effect

Implement a 3 step process of understanding (listening & empathy), aligning and questioning to calm other people when they become emotional.