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Course duration

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Target audience

This course is designed for those who need to know how to use Microsoft SharePoint. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to use SharePoint calendars, participate in a SharePoint workflow and know how to share information in SharePoint with Office integration.

Download the PDF Course Outline.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Be able to Navigate and search SharePoint Sites
  • Work with and understand the benefits of Lists and Libraries in SharePoint
  • Use SharePoint Calendars
  • Maintain a document library including version control and integrate with Office
  • Monitor and Participate in a SharePoint Workflow
  • Know how to find and connect to information in SharePoint
  • Understand how to share information with their team members with Office integration
  • Work with alerts

Introduction to SharePoint

  • Navigating SharePoint team site
  • Opening documents from the shared Documents Library
  • Using search

Introduction to Lists and Libraries

  • Upload documents
  • Upload documents using Explorer view
  • Add a task to a task list
  • Update a task

Document Management

  • Add a document
  • Checking out a document
  • Edit a document
  • Managing document versions
  • Working with Folders


  • Calendar views
  • Add items to the calendar
  • Edit and delete calendar entries
  • Recurring calendar entries

Working with Workflow

  • Overview of workflow
  • Start an approval workflow
  • Monitor the status of a workflow
  • Participating in the workflow

Office Integration

  • Create an alert on the Contact List
  • Connect to a contact List
  • Publishing PowerPoint


  • Subscribing to an alert
  • Document and list Item alerts
  • Manage Your alerts
  • Edit & delete alerts

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