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Course duration

(we will customise to your learning requirements and timeframe)

Target audience

This course is designed for those who need to know how to use Microsoft Visio to design flowcharts and/or produce organisation charts. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to create and connect shapes, add text to graphics, create flowcharts and produce organisation charts.

Download the PDF Course Outline.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Navigate and use the Visio interface
  • Work with the new toolsets with expanded stencil lists and diagram types available in Visio
  • Create and connect shapes with connectors
  • Use Visio’s rulers and guides to control the placement objects in drawings
  • Align drawing objects vertically and horizontally in drawings with a couple of clicks
  • Add text to objects
  • Format all the text and objects in your drawings
  • Create flowcharts
  • Produce Organisation charts
  • Work with background pages
  • Print final drawings

Navigate Visio

  • The Visio screen
  • Using the ribbon and shortcut menus
  • Using dialog boxes and the quick access toolbar
  • Creating a new drawing from a template

Work with Shapes

  • The shapes window
  • Add drawing shapes to pages
  • Move, copy and resize shapes
  • Rotating and flipping shapes
  • Ordering and merging shapes
  • Grouping and ungrouping shapes
  • Aligning and distributing shapes
  • Select multiple shapes
  • Creating a custom stencil
  • Opening and editing a stencil
  • Placing shapes from a stencil
  • Inserting and Deleting shapes

Formatting Shapes

  • Shape fill
  • Shape lines
  • Applying Shadows
  • Using the Format Painter

Working with Text

  • Adding text to shapes
  • Formatting text
  • Aligning text
  • Creating bulleted lists and tables

Working with Connectors

  • Connecting shapes
  • Automatically adding connected shapes
  • Changing connectors
  • Working with connection points
  • Formatting connectors
  • Adding text to connectors


  • Adding containers
  • Adding shapes to a container
  • Formatting containers
  • Deleting containers from Flowcharts
  • Know how to plan diagrams
  • Use autoconnect to join and add shapes
  • Create cross-functional flowcharts

Organisation Charts

  • Use organisation chart templates
  • Arrange organisation chart shapes
  • Use pictures in organisation charts

Editing Pages

  • Using find and replace
  • Using undo and redo
  • Performing a spell check

Pages and printing drawings

  • Inserting and naming pages
  • Create background pages
  • Changing page order
  • Rotating and deleting pages
  • Adding headers and footers
  • Inserting a logo
  • Assigning a background page
  • Using print preview