MBTI® Coaching Overview

Collaborate and lead more effectively by understanding yourself and others better and learn to appreciate and respect differing personality preference types. Contact us to discuss your learning outcomes.


2 hours

Target audience

Anyone who wants to better understand their own personality preferences and other personality types and how those preferences impact on the way we communicate, work, learn and lead others.

MBTI® Individual Coaching Overview

The MBTI® instrument enables personal transformation by giving people a powerful tool for improving how they communicate, learn, work and play. It also provides a common language for appreciating and understanding interpersonal differences. Don’t have time to attend one of our MBTI® workshops? Need some individual coaching on your own type preferences? Our experienced MBTI® practitioner, Jo Fraser, will take individuals through an informative and interactive 1.5 hour online coaching session where they will understand how:
  • to identify their own MBTI® “best fit” personality type
  • They prefer to focus their attention and get energy (Extraversion/Introversion)
  • They prefer to take in information (Sensing/iNtuition
  • They prefer to make decisions (Thinking/Feeling)
  • They prefer to organise and run their own life and engage with the external world (Judging/Perceiving)
  • To recognise how stress affects our type and how that plays out in our personal and professional lives
As part of our MBTI® workshops all participants are required to complete an MBTI® instrument prior to the workshop.

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