Organisational Development Consulting

organisational development consulting

We can develop a Capability Framework for your organisation and work with
you to ascertain your organisational capabilities. We will also work
with you to ensure that your development initiatives are aligned to your Strategic Plan and capability requirements.

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We are able to develop a Job Family Framework using Job Architecture methodology which helps define the common work that is performed in your organisation. A Job Family model groups functionally similar positions together that have related skills, capabilities, tasks and knowledge.

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We are able to guide you through the use of the online Organisational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) tool to get a quick overview of your organisation’s culture and start a dialogue and change process that will help your organisation thrive.

Why Choose Us for your Organisational Development Consulting needs?

StressLess Learning has extensive experience in developing best practice organisational development strategies that aligns HR initiatives to strategic direction using a future focused lens.

We are passionate advocates for ensuring a positive organisational culture, values and behaviours and capabilities are integrated and embedded into systems and processes as part of an overall People Strategy.

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