Don’t have an Organisational Capability Framework? You could be throwing valuable Learning & Development dollars down the drain!

Capability Framework

For an organisation to deliver superior performance it must first understand what it’s strategic objectives are. What does it need to achieve in the next one, two, even five to ten years? Once you have a firm grip on what you need to achieve you can start thinking strategically about what capability you need to deliver on those objectives. That’s where StressLess Learning comes in and where we can add value.

An organisation can only develop the overall capability required to meet it’s strategic goals when the individual capabilities of its employees are properly identified, managed and developed. Individual capabilities provide the foundation for designing systems and policies to achieve organisational capabilities and business goals.

StressLess Learning has extensive experience in developing best practice organisational development strategies that link organisational capability to performance. We have developed and delivered capability consulting for the public (national, state and local governments), private and tertiary/higher education sectors.

Our experienced capability consultants will work with you to develop a comprehensive and easy to navigate Capability Framework that will determine the required organisational capabilities, and ensure that all your learning and development interventions are linked to your Strategic Plan, capability requirements, and people management processes.

How we can assist you

We will undertake a capability audit to determine what level of capability your organisation has and identify the capability gap that needs to be filled to ensure you can meet your organisational objectives.

Too often we see organisations spend valuable training dollars on their employees which does not deliver a return on investment for the organisation.

We can assist your organisation with aligning new and existing learning and development initiatives to the Capability Framework whereby you’ll be able to make more informed and strategic decisions on your learning and development expenditure. This will ensure that your learning and development interventions are aligned to your organisational strategic objectives. We use the 70-20-10 learning and development model when aligning development initiatives to the capability framework.

Benefits of a Capability Framework

A customised capability framework allows us to know more about the skills of our people:

  • it helps you to understand what skills and capabilities your organisation has
  • it helps you to understand what skills and capabilities your organisation needs now and in the future, and
  • helps you to identify the gaps you need to address to have skilled, capable and successful people and an efficient and successful organisation
  • provides a common platform and language to integrate existing people systems and processes including job design, workforce analytics, talent management, learning and development and performance management

Consequences of not having a Capability Framework

  • mismatch of people to roles;
  • higher separation rate;
  • increased need for training and development;
  • adhoc approach to learning and development
  • increased need for performance management interventions;
  • reduced work quality and outputs; and
  • delays in completing projects and other work.