Assertiveness Techniques Outline

Communicate assertively to be heard, get along better with your peers, lead more effectively and influence others. In this enlightening and entertaining presentation, learn valuable and simple techniques to communicate more assertively which can have huge benefits in both your personal and professional life.

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Target audience


Keynote duration

1-1.5 hours

Assertiveness Techniques Overview

Resist those who seek to dominate, manoeuvre and manipulate you by being calm, frank, clear and straight forward when communicating.

Assertiveness can be used to persuade or influence other people to do as you wish without having to resort to passive or bullying behaviour.

Assertive people are seen as decisive, in control and strong. They are confident and respected.

Assertive people feel less stress by being confident in their communication with others.

Keynote presentation objectives

  • Understand how staying calm allows us time to think clearly and logically.
  • Explore assertive tactics such as fogging, the broken record and DESC scripting to put forward a confident yet calm message.
  • Learn to make less accusing statements by asking more questions allowing you to stay in control of difficult situations.

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