Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) workshops. Understand more about yourself and others in these fun and insightful team building workshops. Find out More.Microsoft Office Training. Increase productivity in our fully customised Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint & Project training courses. Office 365. Find out more.The Art of Prioritising a hectic workload. Book this informative presentation for your next workplace conference. Find out more.Inbox out of control? Take back control of your Inbox with our fun and engaging Taming the Email Monster conference presentation. Find out more.
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) workshops

Training and consulting in Melbourne and regional Victoria.

StressLess Learning has been training and consulting in Australia for nearly  two decades. We have listened consistently to our valued clients and have put together a suite of training and consulting options including professional development, Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite training and online coaching. We know everyone is now more time poor than ever and we know you want shorter, sharper sessions so we now offer keynote speaking on a host of business and lifestyle topics as well as a full range of consulting services. All of our facilitators and consultants are of a similar high standard of expertise and qualifications. They have trained and consulted in a wide range of organisations, both corporate and small businesses in the public and private sectors with a diverse group of participants and stakeholders.

COVID19 Plan 2021

We listen to and adhere to all Victorian public health guidelines and are happy to say we are are able to once again offer face to face training to our clients. We follow a strict COVID19 plan whilst facilitating to ensure the safety of all our valued participants and our facilitators. We have transitioned all of our development interventions to an online format and will continue to offer this service until we are confident that all Victorians are safe.

Professional Development Training

We offer professional development training courses in a wide range of topics including: Communication Skills, Customer Service Skills, Presentation Skills, Time Management and Managing Stress & Build Resilience, just to name a few! See our Professional Development page for a full list of courses.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Team Building Workshops

Collaborate more effectively by understanding how you prefer to communicate, process and take in information, make decisions, lead others and resolve conflict. We will explore how all types prefer to work and play, and learn how to appreciate and respect the differences in our team in our fun and informative MBTI® workshops.

Microsoft Office and Adobe Suite Training & Consulting

Microsoft Office courses including Project and Excel and Adobe Creative Cloud courses including InDesign and Photoshop. Do you need help with an Excel spreadsheet or a complex Word document? We offer tailored Microsoft Office consulting for more complex projects or ones that need urgent attention. Get in touch to find out more.

Positive Organisational Culture Workshops

A positive organisational culture is so much more than providing free biscuits, fruit and coffee in the kitchenette. Positive organisational cultures lead to increased employee engagement, morale and productivity where everyone works towards a shared purpose. Attend one of our Positive Organisational Culture workshops to learn how you can start contributing to your own positive culture.

Organisational Development Consulting

We are industry leaders in the Organisational Development space with extensive experience in strategic planning, developing and aligning organisational values and diagnosing current and preferred organisational culture. We have also designed and implemented tailored capability frameworks and job family frameworks for clients in the public, private and higher education sectors.

Bespoke presentations

Continuing on from our many popular professional development training programs, we also offer bite sized, shorter, sharper StressLess™ presentations on a range of business and lifestyle topics. If you have a topic you’d like us to speak on Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Popular training courses and workshops

difficult conversations training melbourne
Difficult Conversations training

Difficult conversations don’t have to be that difficult but they do need to be handled sensitively. Learn how to do them effectively with less stress in our Difficult Conversations training.

MBTI Workshops and Training
MBTI®Team Building Workshops

Collaborate more effectively by understanding yourself and others and learn to appreciate and respect personality preference types in our fun MBTI® team building workshops.

image of Microsoft Project logo
Microsoft Project Training

Introduction to advanced Microsoft Project training as well as customised Microsoft Project consulting services

microsoft teams training melbourne
Microsoft Teams Training

Learn how to create, manage teams and channels in our Microsoft Teams training courses. Chat and collaborate with your team mates and create and share files and channels.

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