Keynote Outline

Continuing on from our many popular professional development training programs, we offer bite sized StressLess™ keynote presentations on a range of business and lifestyle topics. Tired of feeling bombarded by the never ending onslaught of emails? Although there are many benefits to the proliferation of email in business communication there are many pitfalls to be cautious of as well. Download the PDF Keynote Outline.

Target audience


Keynote duration

1 hour

Taming the Email Monster presentation context

  • Tired of being a slave to your inbox?
  • Tired of the uncontrollable volume of emails waiting for attention in your inbox?
  • Tired of being stressed all weekend knowing your inbox is waiting, full of emails, for you on Monday morning.
The evolution of email has changed the way we communicate in the workforce. Email is taking up more and more of peoples precious time even encroaching into our personal lives. Email interrupts continuity in our thought process and steals productivity. A full inbox perpetuates a feeling of being overwhelmed and snowed under by email. Effective email management techniques enable you to achieve more and be happier in the process.

Keynote presentation objectives

  • Who wouldn’t want to be more productive at work whilst gaining a sense of satisfaction at knowing that your inbox and your conscience is clear
  • Get control of your inbox and at the same time your working, and in extreme cases, home life
  • Learn tips that will create a habit forming process for dealing with email quickly and efficiently
Attend one of our Taming the Email Monster keynote presentations to understand how to solve the email dilemma by providing realistic and workable solutions to help manage email on a day to day basis Learn how to take back control of your inbox.