Keynote Outline

Continuing on from our many popular professional development training programs, we offer bite sized StressLess™ keynote presentations on a range of business and lifestyle topics. Speakers are falling into the trap of using PowerPoint as the presentation rather than just the visual aid it was designed to be. Learn to deliver more engaging presentations where PowerPoint is used effectively as an addition to your own presentation style. Download the PDF Keynote Outline.

Target audience

Anyone that relies on PowerPoint to deliver their presentations.

Keynote duration

1 hour

Presenting with Powerpoint presentation context

How many boring Powerpoint presentations have you had to sit through? So many that the term “death by PowerPoint” has been developed. PowerPoint presentations can be a very effective way to conduct business presentations. There is however a clear difference between an effective presentation and an ineffective one. Presentations and PowerPoint now seem to go hand in hand, but when was the last time you sat through a PowerPoint presentation that wasn’t overloaded with text, graphically repulsive or just plain old boring? Although you may feel more at ease with the security blanket PowerPoint seems to offer, the audience is usually struggling to stay awake, or even worse, sifting through their emails instead of paying attention. Never forget that you are the presenter and PowerPoint is simply an aid.