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Course duration

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Target audience

This course is designed for those who need to know how to use formulas and functions in Microsoft Excel. Participants should have completed the Excel Introduction training course or have a good understanding of Microsoft Excel.

Download the PDF Course Outline.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Understand basic mathematical formulas in Excel
  • Understand the BODMAS method of calculations
  • Use absolute references when copying formulas
  • Create linking formulas between worksheets
  • Understand and use a variety of functions in Excel


  • What is a formula
  • BODMAS theory
  • Creating a formula
  • Copying formulas
  • Absolute References in formulas

Linking Formulas

  • Advantages of Linking
  • Creating a link


  • What is a function
  • Function syntax
  • Using Paste Function

Date Functions

  • The TODAY function
  • The NOW Function

Text Functions

  • The UPPER function
  • The LOWER function
  • The PROPER function

Math and Trig Functions

  • The SUM function
  • Using AUTOSUM
  • The AVERAGE function
  • The MIN function
  • The MAX function
  • The COUNT function
  • The COUNTA function
  • The COUNTBLANK function
  • The INT function
  • The ROUND function
  • The ROUNDUP function
  • The ROUNDOWN function

Financial Functions

  • The Payment (PMT) function

Logical Functions

  • The IF function
  • The COUNTIF function

IF Functions

  • The ISERROR function
  • The ISTEXT function
  • The ISBLANK function

Lookup Functions

  • The VLOOKUP Function
  • The HLOOKUP function

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